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Connie Ring
Ring's Studio
358 30th Ave.
Greeley, CO


"Stop Wasting Valuable Time Shopping, Give
The Perfect Gift... A PAINTING From Photos!
Of Any Of The Dog Breeds, Cats Or Loved Ones"

...Maybe A Wildlife Or Landscape Painting Or Print...

Dear Gift Giver,
Whether for yourself or others, wouldn't it be great to save yourself hours of shopping at the mall or going through pages and pages of catalogues, looking for the perfect gift. All you need to do is simply have a unique painting designed which will be a gift that is remembered. Give yourself the gift of time to spend with your family.
I'm Connie Ring, a professional artist. Let me “Do It Your Way” with Personalized Attention dedicated to YOU and the Details. Enjoy collaborating with me on a painting that is risk free. You choose, you’re in control, have it done your way -- not someone else deciding for you. There aren't many things you get your way. Treat Yourself.

Customize it and Personalize it

  • The size
  • Any special colors that you want
  • Outdoor or indoor background
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Head and shoulders or the full body if having a portrait of your family or pet
  • Most paintings are acrylic or I can accommodate oil or pastel
  • Framed or unframed
All paintings are done on archival canvas, making it a valuable investment. Also, this insures its longevity so it will be around to pass down as a keepsake.

Did I mention that I will do everything humanly possible to get the painting exactly as you wish it and done in your time frame? If you wish order now.

Save Time

  • Save hours of Shopping Time and Stress
  • Put time back into your day so you can spend it with Family or Friends
  • Or for taking care of that important person, “Yourself”
Perfect Gift
  • It's not Forgotten
  • Doesn't wear out
  • The Person receiving the gift will feel special
  • Will remember your caring
  • Unique one of a kind
Are you interested in a style other than realistic?  I can help you out like I did Teri with the early Picasso style painting for her husband for their anniversary.


The painting Connie did for us was an abstract of our unusual looking dog, a Carolina (aka American Dingo).  Connie was great to work with, very tolerant of my wanting the painting to be "just so," working with me until we were both satisfied.  The result is great - it brings a smile to everyone who sees it, as it captures the essence of our Dixi Dingo.

Teri H., Ph. D.

 Picasso style painting of American Dingo, "Dixi"

A Fine Art Painting is the perfect gift, for someone who has everything or who is just hard to buy for.                 A great Gift for Wives and sweethearts.


December 6, 2006

My wife loves the "Redtailed Hawk" so I searched the internet looking for a
painting to give her as a surprise gift. In searching I came upon Connie Rings
website and found the most beautiful painting I had seen. It was of a
redtailed hawk in flight and was so true to life that it made you want to just
step into the picture. Although it was already sold I contacted Connie who
agreed to paint one similar in oil for me. It was a delight to work with
Connie and my wife loved the painting.

Larry R. Moorman, M.D., Tifton, GA

 Dr. & wife with Retailed Hawk Painting

What man wouldn't adore a painting of his faithful hunting dog(s) or other pet companion(s) -- maybe even with him in the painting. It's a fabulous gift for all occasions, especially Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas.

It's a great gift for Yourself. If you have ever thought you might want a portrait painting of your entire family, your children, your husband, your wife, one or more of your special friends or your special companion pet, this is the place you can make it happen.

Maybe you would enjoy an original painting or print of your favorite wildlife.

The process is easy. You just answer a few questions via email and send photos of your pet companion(s) or loved ones. It takes the stress out of gift giving and saves time to do the things you really want to do.

My Experience and Expertise

  • 16 years of painting
  • 8 years specializing in pet portraits
  • B.A. in Visual Arts with emphasis in Painting
My web site has been on the internet since 1999. So you can be sure, I'm not a dot.com here today and gone tomorrow. You can feel secure in your purchase.

Gift Recipient Experience

Every time the painting is viewed by the person receiving the gift, they will remember that you truly care about them in a very special way.




  • Original art shows your own strong decorating taste not generic like everyone else.
  • A fine art painting in your home or office reflects your enjoyment of the finer things in life.
  • Original art is one of a kind -- special just for you.
  • Your painting will make a good conversation piece at work or home.


Connie, your paintings add so much to my home and office! Since I work from home, it's a challenge to keep a professional look in my office. I've received many compliments on your work, the office pieces are always noticed, and are often conversation starters. Mostly I just like the way my home feels with your art in it -- you put so much love into your work! Thanks again,
Jan Channel, Project Manager Kettley's Finanicial Planning

A fine art painting makes a status statement since not all homes or offices have one. It is a luxury that can be enjoyed by all people at an affordable and reasonable price. An original fine art painting can be a valuable keepsake to pass down in the family as part of your family's history. It is of incredible value that will last for generations.

"No Risk" "No-strings attached Money Back Guarantee"
I am so convinced that you will find your painting everything I say it will be, I make you this cast iron promise: "If  for any reason whatever, you feel that the painting is not for you, simply return it to me and receive a full and courteous refund. No questions asked!"

If you don't want to spend endless hours
  1. going through catalogs
  2. or driving through traffic
  3. finding a parking place
  4. going from store to stores
  5. selecting a gift
  6. standing in the long lines paying for the gift
  7. carrying it to the car
  8. loading it
  9. driving home through the traffic
  10. unloading the car
  11. and taking the gift inside

...then order a commissioned painting, painting or print. Avoid the Hassle!! It'll save you TIME for your family or yourself. I think you deserve it...extra Time. Don't you?

  • One of a kind Paintings, Prints or Cards for those special few including YOU
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Cards designed from original paintings by
    Connie Ring
  • Can only be purchased through the artist or her website
  • Order Now


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